“The Best Qigong Video I Have Ever Seen!”

Ken's video on the 8 Section Brocade is an absolute must have for any new or experienced qigong practitioner or Tai Chi student! If you have never experienced the intrinsic electro-magnetic energy of your body or simply want to expand the number of forms that you know, this video should literally be the very first one that you pick up.

As someone who has studied, practiced, and taught Qigong since 1995 and as a medical qigong practitioner for the past 9 years, I can easily recognize top quality instruction when I see it. Ken Andes. L.Ac credentials are second to none and he is at the top of the game as a respected National Institute of Health (NIH) researcher utilizing Qigong health restoration techniques.

If you want quality step-by-step instruction on how to do qigong that is simple to understand and ultra effective when practiced look no further! His attention to detail throughout the video is very helpful and the easy to follow format will be very appreciated by those who lack any qi-qong experience.

Justin Mandel, Dipl.O.M. L.Acwww.AcupunctureMedicalCenter.com

"A ground-breaking video. As most qigong videos concentrate only on the physical portion of the exercises, Ken links the physical mechanics of the exercises with the mental aspect. This increases the efficacy of the exercises as healing ultimately comes from the mind. Ken provides clear, easy-to-follow instructions. He performs the exercises from two different views so the viewer can learn the proper forms. He also provides alternate versions for people with prior injuries. A must for anyone with chronic illness or for anybody who wants to maintain his or her health."

Jeanette Kim-Lau, L.Ac.

I was speechless. From the quality to the attention to detail, it's apparent that a great deal of effort was put into the dvd. It's very impressive and easy to follow. The visualization component takes the dvd to another level. It's really a great dvd!

You never seize to amaze. I'm excited for you.

Maria from New York

Coming from a background of energy healing practices that spanmultiple traditions as well as many years, I was very impressed with The Eight Section Brocade video by Ken Andes. Ken takes these ancient and powerful practices out of the mystery, the secrecy, the cultural differences, and the erosion of time surrounding them. He makes them available to someone with or without any training, and very suitable to modern times. I am comfortable with having a novice learn qigong through this video due the excellent visual detail and thorough verbal explanations and instruction that Ken provides.

He makes these exercises very safe, very simple, and very easy to learn. If you really want to heal yourself, this is a great place to start. And if you have already started, this video will enhance any other self-healing methods that you currently perform. Once you properly learn the techniques presented in The Eight Section Brocade, practicing them will only take about 10 minutes a day.

Those 10 minutes performing The Eight Section Brocade will help to replenish your body's energy, correct sickness, blockages andimbalance, calm your emotions, and will lead you to approach your day with renewed vitality. You will notice a real difference in no time at all. The video and sound quality of this DVD is exceptional and makes it not only a great self healing video, but also very enjoyable to watch as well! If you already have qigong experience, you will more than likely benefit from watching this video, as I have. And if you are new to qigong practice, this is the perfect place to start!

Rocco Manziano, L.Ac.Weehawken, NJ

Ken Andes’ Eight Section Brocade is very impressive! Ken’s instruction is clear and precise. He incorporated the history of Qigong practice and gave detailed description of the movements. I was particularly impressed with the section where Ken shows and explains the energetic flow produced by the movements. As a psychotherapist, I find this practice invaluable in honing my skills to connect with myself and with my patients. Superb!

Danielle Giles, LCSW

Ken, this DVD is perfect!! The interactive menus make practice easy and exciting. The detailed explanations of body position, movement, and mental focus are clear, and with a little practice becomes easy to understand and follow. Over all, this is the best instructional DVD I have seen....and as someone who's been involved in the martial arts for most of his life I've seen a lot. I'm looking forward to the release of the Modern Mesmerism DVDs. Keep up the excellent work, and thank you for sharing your years of study and research with us.

-Eric Van Pelt

The Eight Section Brocade Qi Gong DVD by Ken Andes is by far the most superior to any available that I have seen. Not even in the Qi Gong classes that I have taken from New York all the way to San Francisco has the energetic intention behind the postures been so clear that the benefits of a regular practice are accelerated, possibly by years. Ken is authentic in his presentation. His clear explanation of each brocade simplifies the learning process. I recommend this DVD to people of all levels for a truly integrated mind/body experience. Thank you for your DVD, Ken.

Pamela Strum, L.Ac., Board Certified Herbalist

This is the best Qigong DVD I have yet to come across. The 8 Section Brocade by Ken Andes embodies a clean, distraction-free environment for learning and developing Qigong mind-body work. Ken Andes' high quality, yet simple-to-follow instruction segments provide a full proof mechanism for gaining a deep understanding of internal and external Qigong maneuvers.

Continued practice of The 8 Section Brocade has dramatically improved my endurance and accuracy within a cognitively demanding career in Addiction Psychiatry research, biofeedback data processing and analysis, and mentally-ill patient behavioral/psychological assessments. On top of the direct benefits to my cognitive capacities, my overall reduction in stress has greatly attributed to a vast improvement in my everyday cognitive and physiological performance. The benefits of my increased "strength" and "vitality" expand beyond my everyday work demands, and bequeaths me with higher psychological and spiritual functioning than before I began practicing the 8 Section Brocade.

In addition to the 8 section brocade eminently improving my spiritual, physiological, and psychological performance, it also improves my ongoing practice in ballet and contemporary dance. Use of the internal imagery or "neigong" enhances my ability to embody physical and spiritual grounding in the expression and technique of my movement. During my undergraduate modern dance training, I was trained to use techniques similar to those taught in this DVD in order to progress in center work and choreography creation. The 8 Section Brocade procures refinement of those familiar techniques and lends to a deeper connection between the intention of my movement and the physical expression of my body.

This is a fantastic Qigong DVD that will dramatically increase the spiritual, physiological, cognitive, and psychological functioning of all of those whom practice The 8 Section Brocade.

- Lanora Callahan

The Eight-Section Brocade is a wonderful qigong, and Ken Andes is a wonderful teacher. With simplicity and a clarity obviously born of long experience with the form, he instructs us in not only the outer movements, but also the inner visualizations which accompany, strengthen, and give meaning to them.

As any strong meditation does, it carries in its simplicity a power which only grows with understanding, experience, and time, and Ken not only understands this power, but communicates its quality masterfully, making it easy to follow and feel, within just a few days, natural and strong with the form. It is truly a marvel what your intention can accomplish, when given the proper tools, tools such as this qigong offers. Having practiced qigong for many years now, I can say that it has been a joy integrating the brocade into my daily routine, and I wholeheartedly recommend this DVD to everyone, those new to qigong as well as those who are long-practiced in any of its many forms.

- Stuart Greenhouse

This DVD is amazing and packed with history and wisdom. The movements are broken down in a manner that is truly accessible to any fitness level. The layout of the content makes it easy to navigate. The rich graphics help demonstrate the internal movements of the mind. The background music is beautiful and calming which amplifies the experience.

The Instructor, Ken Andes, instills a sense of determination and guidance for the viewer. His encouraging attitude and positivity really makes me feel at ease. The movements are thoroughly explained and repeated so that they are easy to follow. Each brocade includes a description of its purpose for the body and mind, which really helps to understand the exercises.

The practice of Qi Gong is immensely rewarding. After one set of the eight section brocade I felt an inner calm and general well-being. I also realized many weaknesses and stiff joints that needed attention. After about a week or so I felt more strength and flexibility than I have ever felt. I also gained an awareness of the Qi flowing through my body and extending infinitely through the universe. I look forward to continuing this magnificent practice and tapping into my inner potential.

- Ali Rangel

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