21 Things You Need To Know About Qigong

1. Qigong is a tool for transcending human limitations.

2. It is a divine gift for all sentient beings, borne of compassion from Universal Intelligence.

3. For over 5,000 years, its adepts have achieved superhuman abilities; physical prowess, healing powers, and spiritual enlightenment.

4. In ancient days, only a select few were permitted to learn the secrets of this art, and of the few that were allowed to learn, even fewer developed mastery.

5. The main reasons for this were: a false belief that mastery should take a long time, selfishness and insecurity of the teacher, too many unnecessary rituals (most of them religious in nature), and a lack of effective teaching technology.

6. Enough is enough! We are going to eliminate ALL unnecessary obstacles towards achieving mastery of this supreme discipline. We are going to clear some major baggage here.

7. We are going to usher in a new era in the evolution of Qigong, an era where the abilities of the most revered ancient masters will become commonplace among the students of tomorrow.

8. And when we say “tomorrow”, we mean that in the most literal sense possible.

9. The accelerated evolution of our species, indeed the evolution of our planet, demands that the powers of this tool be made available to everyone who desires it...with the shortest and most efficient learning curve possible.

10. Otherwise, the authentic art of Qigong will be unable to keep pace with the people who need it the most. The art will die. A tragedy will be born from the lost potential of superhuman abilities that would aid our culture at this critical point in our evolution.

11. Until now, Qigong has been taught using methods that were designed for a culture that lived thousands of years ago. The majority of these methods are no longer useful or efficient.

12. In order for the art to live into the next generation, it must evolve as our culture evolves.

13. We are not here to change the art, for its basic principles are eternal; they are inherent to the nature of life and existence.

14. We are here to keep the art of Qigong ALIVE.

15. And anything that is ALIVE will be in either of two states: evolution or gradual death.

16. There is no such thing as a stable variable in this universe!!!

17. By applying scientific, evidence based reasoning with ancient tradition; we are going to give you the art of Qigong in its most pure, uncontaminated, and essential form. We are going to give you the tools you need to achieve mastery in the shortest time possible…with the most profound results imaginable.

18. The first modern heretic to come out of China, Bruce Lee, said it best: “One does not accumulate but eliminate. It is not daily increase but daily decrease. The height of cultivation always runs towards simplicity.”

19. And that is the guiding principle behind the learning technology that we offer: power through simplicity.

20. We extend to you a sincere hand of invitation, an invitation to a world where you will no longer be an extraordinary being in an average realm…but an average being in an extraordinary reality.

21. Very soon, you will know exactly what we mean by that....

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